Nine months to Newborn

      Everyone who isn’t sure of what they will need or what they should be expecting as they embark on a journey  that will reconstruct the very foundations of your core.  of course i’m referring to the paradigm shift of becoming a parent.


baby father bonding
father holding his baby in his arms

     From conception to birth here are a few things that will be essential into making you ready for when the 9 month countdown is over, I plan to have you armed with enough information and confidence to make the process of being a first time parent a little bit easier and a lot less confusing, over this mini series story of my experience going through and learning about becoming a parent. Come join me from the beginning of our journey…


Part 1: Gear up Solider


soldiers in bootcamp
marine drill Sargent getting cadets fired up

  This part is geared toward the Men, during the next 9 months especially i can’t stress this enough guys,  you will need to be aware of a few things before you have a baby, here is one major things you should always be ready for…Anything and everything a magician can pull out of his hat! That’s right boys if you want to survive to see your baby being born.….Stay Frosty!

      During the next 9 months of what will seem like a boot camp for the marine core, you will be expected to what any good soldier is expected to do whilst on the tour of duty, you need to be able to handle any curve ball, unpredictable , impossible, illogical task and emotional fit, no matter how small or strange she might drum up for you. The key to victory is in a sense “Know they enemy “.

     Tending to and making sure all of her needs are meet and honing your ability to understand where she is coming from, by understanding that she isn’t in control of her instant change in mood, that for us is where the true victory lies. A gain of insight is worth more then anything.

     Finding out that those cravings and those seemingly foreign characteristics that pop up, i feel it gives u a slight glance at the base components of your babies personality and behaviors , This is where expecting the unexpected comes into play. Let’s face it, this is a trial and error process that you will get into shit, you’ll get it wrong time after time but don’t fret, find a pattern to her moods and usually but not always certain situations conjure up certain responses to a craving or an irritant.  

     For example if she asks you for a unripe mango, so you run to the store go grab her want she ask for as quick as possible with no delay, when u get back and present what she sought after only for her to change her mind and tell you she wants a ripe juicy one instead..

     What you should of done in a situation like this was you should of prepared for this possible outcome and grabbed that ripened mango as well as the unripened one.

     Take it from me i did 2 solid terms of duty back to back and the random shit i had to have a hunch about and try to guess what she wanted at the time was ruthless,  because at times my wife honestly didn’t know what she wanted but boy did she sure ever know what she didn’t want if i presented the wrong thing to her…*Chuckle*… good times…Stay Frosty gentlemen you’ll survive.